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The Safest USDT Escrow
Your Trusted Escrow Service for USDT Transactions
Otachi is the ultimate escrow platform that revolutionizes the way to make USDT transactions as a part of any business, ensuring secure transactions for buyers and sellers alike. Our innovative escrow service provides a reliable platform that safeguards your funds and mitigates the risks associated with USDT (TRC-20) transactions, with the support for more cryptocurrencies to be available in the future.

Committed to Security

We always prioritize the protection of your assets through secure escrow through cutting-edge protocols.

Transparent & Reliable

Otachi acts as a trusted intermediary, facilitating smooth transactions between buyers and sellers.

Robust Fraud Protection

Our escrow service ensures that your assets are protected and released to the rightful party only, always.

About Otachi
Embrace the Safety & Authenticity, Forever!
Otachi.io is here to set the stage for performing secure USDT transactions with peace of mind, putting an end to all the frauds and scams happening in cryptocurrency transactions. It provides a safe and secure environment for buyers and sellers. With advanced security measures and strict protocols, Otachi ensures the protection of your USDT assets, ensuring a secure and authentic business. Our escrow service holds your assets securely until all transaction conditions are met and confirmed by all parties, instilling confidence and peace of mind.
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